passionate farming.

All the pork that we produce comes from our own herd of outdoor reared, free-range, native breed pigs. They are all personally raised by the Wreford’s Farm team, to ensure that our ethical practices are kept from farm to fork.

We pride ourselves in knowing that we grow the highest quality pork whilst maintaining the highest of ethical standards. 

Healthy & Happy.

All the feed given to the pigs is grown right here on our 100-acre farm.

This ensures that there are no chemicals, no GMOs and no antibiotics going into their diet, allowing the pigs to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy, happy pork for you.


All of our beef is grass fed on rich herbal pastures with legumes and wildflowers. We grow Aberdeen Angus and Whitebred Shorthorn cattle. They are slow grown for flavour, with a sprinkle of rain and sunshine: nothing added.

We rotate our cattle on a daily basis, which gives them a fresh bite to eat every day. This enhances their diet and in turn the quality of the beef. Using these practices also heals the land.


We move the cattle from paddock to paddock, allowing the grasses to regrow, which in turn means the microbiology in the soil can flourish.

As this process continues, it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Not only do the animals live a healthy lifestyle at Wreford’s Farm, but we are also working to heal the atmosphere through our regenerative practices.



Welcome to Wreford’s Farm. We are a small, family run farm situated in County Durham, producing free range pork and grass-fed beef using regenerative agriculture.

We heal the land we farm whilst supplying healthy and delicious meat for you. Since 2013 we have been selling at local farmers’ markets, and now you will be able to buy our homegrown produce direct from us.

We Deliver

We deliver to all UK postcodes (except Northern Ireland, sorry guys!). If you are local to us we will of course deliver them ourselves, anyone further afield (excuse the farmer pun) will be charged a small delivery charge.

Eco Friendly

Our pigs and cows are fed on feed that we grow ourselves on our 100 acre farm. It really doesn’t get fresher or more tasty than that. This is something we pride ourselves in, it takes more work, but we believe it’s worth it! 

Always Fresh

Fresh meat is always guaranteed due to our NO WASTE farming. Each order you make goes into a queue and is not prepared until we know the whole pig or cow will be used in the combined  meat orders.

100 acre family farm

Since 1993, Wreford Farm has been raising pigs and cows using regenerative farming methods. This means we produce everything we can ourselves, livestock feed etc. And put back into the land, we even raised our own kids here that are now out there everyday raising this exceptional meat. 🙂

Perfect Pork Pack

This pack will include the following, an assortment of joints including:
Belly • Leg • Shoulder • Free range Pork Chops


The pack will be approximately 7 kilos in weight,
and will delivered to your door. Just fill in our
contact form if you’re interested.

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Beautiful Beef Boxes

This pack will include the following, an assortment of joints including:
2 Beef joints • Assortment of steaks (Sirloin, Rump and Ribeye) • Stewing Steak/Braising steak • Minced Beef


The pack will be approximately 10 kilos in weight and will be delivered to your door. Just fill in our contact form if you’re interested.

Please enter your postcode so we can calculate delivery.

Scrumptious Sizzling Sausages

Mix and match three (3) packs or choose all the same from an assortment of flavours including:
Cumberland • Yorkshire Farmhouse • Moroccan Spiced • Pork & Apple • Pork & Leek • Traditional Sausage


Each pack contains six (6) free range pork sausages,
and will delivered to your door. Just fill in our
contact form if you’re interested.

Please enter your postcode so we can calculate delivery.

My parents were already farming this land when I was born, so I can vouch for how well we are raised and looked after at Wreford Farm!

All jest aside, we really do go the extra mile for all of our animals and this is reflected in the quality of our meat.

– BenJAMIN, Second generation Wreford Farmer 


If you have any questions at all, we’d be happy to answer them for you, just send us a message. And if you want us to call you back or text you, pop in your phone number too.

If you are ready to make an order, use the form below please, selecting the meat pack you want.


Before you pay anything, we’ll send you a delivery estimate date and if you are not local to our farm, we’ll also send you a delivery cost too.

Then we’ll send you an invoice and a one time, secure link (generated from our card payment reader) for you, unless you’d prefer a normal bank transfer.

If you are choosing sausages, we’ll ask you which flavours you want by email when we get your message.

Thank you for supporting us, our team of dedicated farmers and British Farming. #LoveLocal #LoveFarming

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